Hyundai i10 2012

Hyundai i10 2012

Type auto: Hatchback
Airco: Ja
Transmissie: Handgeschakeld
Aantal personen: 4
Aantal deuren: 4
Vanaf NAƒ 55,00 p/d

The Hyundai i10 2012 Hatchback model is a great car to fit four people comfortably. If needed, this black Hyundai i10 2012 gives you the option to install a car seat. The car is a 4-door model, which makes it easy for each passenger to get in and out of the car. The Hyundai i10 2012 drives smoothly along the Curaçao roads. The back seats can be folded down so you can transport larger suitcases and other luggage in the car. The vehicle has a manual transmission. This smaller, city-friendly car makes it easy to park in smaller spaces.

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