Hyundai Matrix

Hyundai Matrix

Type auto: MPV
Airco: Ja
Transmissie: Automaat
Aantal personen: 5
Aantal deuren: 4
Vanaf NAƒ 60,00 p/d

The Hyundai Matrix, also known as the Hyundai Lavita, is a stylish and modern car. This mini MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) is quite large. It comfortably seats 5 people, making the Hyundai Matrix an ideal family car. The Hyundai Matrix has higher seats for easy access and features four doors. The driver’s seat position is relaxing. And the higher up sitting position also offers a great view of the road. Overall, its roadholding, stability, and vehicle handling all make the Hyundai Matrix great for driving all around the island.

The Hyundai Matrix has an automatic transmission, which makes driving up and down the steep hills of Curaçao much easier.

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