Daihatsu Terios Manual

Daihatsu Terios Manual

Type auto: SUV
Airco: Ja
Transmissie: Handgeschakeld
Aantal personen: 4/5
Aantal deuren: 4
Vanaf NAƒ 85,00 p/d

A family of four/five people? The Daihatsu Terios is a dreamy car for hitting the road with your family. Four passengers will sit comfortably in the car, but even five passengers are a decent fit. If you want to transport diving equipment, it is possible to request a container, which makes the transportion of these easy. The model of this gray Daihatsu Terios is a compact SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). The model makes the seating position higher than average with a perfect view of the road. The vehicle features a manual transmission. No concerns about Curaçao’s hot temperatures while you’re driving this vehicle: this car is equipped with air conditioning!

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