Toyota RAV

Toyota RAV

Type auto: SUV
Airco: Ja
Transmissie: Automaat
Aantal personen: 5
Aantal deuren: 4
Vanaf NAƒ 90,00 p/d

The Toyota RAV (Recreational Activity Vehicle) is the true family car for Curaçao driving! De Toyota RAV is a compact crossover SUV that is a breeze to drive. If you want to rent a car with enough space for five passengers and a considerable amount of stuff, the Toyota RAV is perfect for you. Everyone will have plenty of legroom and enjoy a comfortable ride. Because this is an SUV, one of the main advantages is the superior view of the traffic ahead. The Toyota RAV delivers a feeling of quality and the driving features you will love. The car is equipped with a large trunk, which makes it easy to transport kitesurfing gear and your golf bag, for example. It is also possible to place a container for your diving gear in the back. The car has an automatic transmission. This dream of an SUV features everything you might need on the island. The car has smooth steering, is air-conditioned, and has more than sufficient capacity.

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