L200 DiD Sportero 4×4

L200 DiD Sportero 4×4

Type auto: Pick-up
Airco: Ja
Transmissie: Automaat
Aantal personen: 5
Aantal deuren: 4
Vanaf NAƒ 100,00 p/d

The Mitsubishi L200 DiD Sportero 4x4, also known as Mitsubishi Triton, is the rugged pick-up truck to drive around the island. It’s quite relaxing to tour along Curaçao’s dedicated off-road routes in this vehicle that rivals an SUV. It’s no trouble at all to seat up to five people in the car. The vehicle is large, has a lot of room, and can carry some serious weight. This car is a pick-up type of vehicle and lets you transport larger items and pieces of equipment. The cargo bed at the rear of the truck is designed to transport diving cylinders properly and safely. An extra container can also be placed for the diving equipment. Curaçao’s high temperatures can become a bit much while you’re driving. But no worries here, the Mitsubishi L200 DiD Sportero 4x4 is air-conditioned. The transmission in this Mitsubishi pick-up is automatic.

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