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Chrysler Town Country

Vanaf NA ƒ125.00 p/d

Merk: Chrysler
Type auto: MPV
Airco: Ja
Transmissie: Automaat
Aantal personen: 7
Aantal deuren: 4

Are you a larger group of people planning to rent a car? In that case, the Chrysler Town Country is the car for you! The Chrysler Town Country is a larger vehicle with room for seven people. The Chrysler is a great car for the best trips across the island with your whole group! Just consider the unique challenge of climbing Mt St Christoffel as a group. The car is large, allowing each and every person in the car to travel comfortably. The MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) model is complete with air conditioning for a refreshing car ride!

The minivan has higher seating and large windows that give the driver a great overview of the road to get everyone safely to the desired destination. The real ‘Town and Country car’ has a firm roadholding. The Chrysler Town Country has an automatic transmission.

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