Curaçao is in a Lockdown

24 March 2021

If you have plans to visit Curacao,
we want to inform you about the COVID-19 restrictions effective at this time.

A lot of Movement Restrictions, will affect a planned stay.

> Effective March 15, 2021, a curfew is in effect from 9:00pm to 4:30am.

> Effective March 23, 2021 Curacao issued a “lock-down” for at least two weeks.
- Only certain license plated vehicles are allowed on the street for particular days for essential tasks.
- Beaches, gyms and restaurants are closed (only some take-out possible).
- “stay-at-home” order is in effect on Sundays.

Everyone should stay at home and avoid contact with others as much as possible, Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath announced.

In the past two weeks, Curaçao saw a significant increase in the number of corona infections, partly due to the British variant.
More and more people are also being admitted to intensive care.

"We must do everything we can to prevent the spread of corona," said Rhuggenaath.

During lockdown, the curfew remains between 9:00 PM and 4:30 AM. A plachi di dia is also introduced.
This means that people are only allowed to take to the streets two days a week, based on their number plate, to visit essential stores, such as supermarkets, pharmacies and gas pumps.
In addition, the car-free Sunday will be introduced.

Exceptions are made for the plachi di dia for people who bring their children to school or day care.
The residents of Curaçao are also allowed to hit the road if they have a vaccination appointment.

The island keeps its borders and airports open, tourists are also still welcome.
However, they must also adhere to the applicable corona measures.